Who we are

Driving force behind the Motocross Grand Prix of Belgium has always been 5-time World Champion Eric Geboers.   After several events at the legendary Citadel of Namur, Lommel was the perfect location as a new venue for him and his crew since 2008.

Since 2016, former GP winner Johan Boonen has joined the crew to grow the organisation further.

Gp Limburg’s aim is to promote Belgian motorsport, primarily by offering events that bring more than “just” a race.  Additionally, GP Limburg wants to stimulate the economic and touristic impact on the region, co-develop the local race track, reinforcing the strong image of motocross in Belgium while we are doing it.

Our organisation is supported by three very important institutional partners: Topsport Vlaanderen, the Province of Limburg and the hosting city, Lommel. Together with these three partners GP Limburg can offer a top class event.

FIAT Professional MXGP of BELGIUM